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Videojet 7510 fiber laser marks on robust materials

High-contrast marking at ultra-fast line speeds.

The Videojet 7510 50-Watt fiber laser marking system delivers advantaged performance for high contrast marking on robust plastic packaging, metal containers and other industrial products even at ultra-fast line speeds up to 440m/min. Specifically engineered for high speed beverage, pharmaceutical and extrusion manufacturers, the 7510 delivers better mark quality, higher efficiency and a dramatically smaller marking unit than traditional solid state laser systems.

Laser Tube Ytterbium (Yb) pulsed fiber laser
Maximum Power 50-Watt
Laser Cooling Air Cooled
Maximum Line Speed 440m/min (1440ft/min)
Environmental Protection Marking Unit: IP54 Supply Unit: IP21
Beam Output Steered Beam
Laser Source Expected Life (MTBF) Up to 100,000 hours (MTBF)
Laser Wavelength Options 1.06µm – 1.07µm
Focal Distance Options 100/163/254/420mm (3.93/6.41/10/16.53in)
Maximum Mark Window 498.5 x 366.5 mm (19.62 x 14.43 in)
Standard I/O Connectivity Internal Terminal Connections
Standard User Interface Smartgraph PC software
Optional User Inteface CLARiTY Laser Controller
Certifications/Approvals CE TUV
Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Printing on Extruded Materials
Electrical Components and Electronics
Automotive and Aerospace

Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Marking Specification Sheet


Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Sample Marking Guide


Laser Product Range Brochure

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