Industrial inkjet large character printers

Videojet® 2120

The Videojet 2120 is an easy-to-use printer for applying single or twin line alphanumeric codes to a variety of products or packages. A choice of printheads and inks enable it to print on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials. The 2120 can control two printheads for opposite side case coding, and also offers multiple printer control from one screen for more complex, multi-line coding.

700 Series Printheads
Substrate Porous
Number of Dots 7 or 16
Print Height 13 mm – 50 mm (0.5 in – 2.0 in)
Maximum Print Speed (Number of Dot Dependent) 72 m/min (236 ft/min) or 113 m/min (371 ft/min)
800 Series Printheads
Substrate Non-Porous
Number of Dots 7 or 16
Print Height 11 mm – 92 mm (0.4 in – 3.6 in)
Maximum Print Speed (Number of Dot Dependent) 87 m/min (285 ft/min) or 126 m/min (413 ft/min)
Minimum Print Speed 8 m/min (26 ft/min)
Ink Capacity 1 L, 18.9 L (5 gallon) optional
Standard User Interface CLARiTY® 5.7 inch color SVGA LCD touchscreen
Leader/Follower Capability (Up to 4 Printers Controlled by One User Interface) Up to 4
Standard Communication RS232, Ethernet, USB Memory Stick
Web Browser Capability Yes
Marking, Coding and Systems Solutions for Building Materials
Fruits and Vegetables

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  • On the market since 1994
  • Эксклюзивный дистрибьютор
  • Превосходное качество продукции

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