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Videojet 9550 Print & Apply Labeling Machine

Print & apply labeling solution for cartons, cases, pallets and shrinkwrap

The 9550 Label Printing Machine with Intelligent MotionTM is a smarter print and apply labeler that targets zero unscheduled downtime and reduces costs and errors in case coding operations. Automatic, precise control of the entire system together with Direct Apply label placement, provides the most efficient and reliable industrial labeling machine.

This Videojet print and apply labeling machine can aid with high contrast bar codes and other production information on various substrates like shrink and stretch wrap, cardboard boxes, egg cartons and cases.

In addition to the Videojet 9550 with Direct Apply™, Videojet offers 9550 units that feature a tamp applicator, a front-of-pack applicator or a corner-wrap applicator.

Alternatives to the Videojet 9550 print & apply labeler are Videojet large character marking systems like the Videojet 2361 and 2120 which enable the printing of expiration dates, lot/batch numbers, bar codes, and dates of manufacture directly on packaging on the production line.

Label Application Method Direct Apply (standard) Other optional applicators: Telescopic tamp, Front of Pack, Rear of Corner Wrap
Print Technology Thermal Transfer printing with Intelligent Motion™ Ribbon Drive or Direct Thermal Printing with 2” (53mm), 4” (107mm) and 6” (160mm) printhead versions
Ribbon Width Minimum 2.2” (55mm), 3.0” (76mm), 4.3” (110mm) (standard) and 6.4″ (162mm) / Up to 830m
Print Resolution 300dpi (200dpi in emulation mode)
Print Speed/ Throughput <4” label width up to 500mm/sec in standard mode and up to 750mm/sec in high speed mode >4” label width up to 400mm/sec in standard mode up to 150 packs/minute with a 4”x6” label dependent on label size and application
Emulations ZPL, SBPL
Label Width/Length/Capacity 1.6” to 6.5” / 2.0” to 12.9” (40mm to 165mm / 50mm to 330mm) spool diameter
Interface CLARiTY Controller – A single intuitive screen with on-board label database and video tutorials
Connectivity Ethernet, RS232, Configurable I/O (24V, PNP and volt free) and USB
Certification CE and TÜV
Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care
Fruits and Vegetables
Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Automotive and Aerospace
Baked Goods Coding and Labeling Solutions
Meat and Poultry
Other Packaged Foods
Pet Food & Animal Feed – Food Packaging Industrial Printers
Printing on Food Packaging like Pouches, Chips Packet & other Salty Snacks Packaging
Candy and Confectionery
Wire, Cable and Pipe

Videojet 9550 Direct Apply™ Brochure


Videojet 9550 Direct Apply™ Specification Sheet


Videojet 9550 with Tamp Applicator Specification Sheet


Videojet 9550 with Front of Pack Applicator Specification Sheet


Videojet 9550 with Corner Wrap Applicator Specification Sheet


Regular Grade Ribbon Specification Sheet


Improve efficiency: switch from tamp or blow applicators to Direct ApplyTM labeling


Understanding the total cost of ownership of a print & apply labeling system


Improving performance and increasing longevity of thermal printheads

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