Industrial thermal inkjet printers

Videojet® 8520 and Wolke m610® touch Thermal Inkjet Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer with Code Assurance for Industrial Printing Applications

The Videojet 8520 and Wolke m610 touch thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are high resolution printers that use HP® technology. These versatile printers feature a large CLARiTY™ touchscreen interface for easy operation, as well as provide a common look and feel to those familiar with Videojet’s CLARiTY-based printers. From basic alphanumeric codes to complex bar codes and graphics, the 8520 and m610 touch have the capability to print a wide range of codes on fast production lines.

Maximum Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Print Speed 1.5 – 109 m/min (5 – 360 ft/min)
Bar Codes Multiple linear and 2D bar codes available including DataMatrix
Single Printhead Print Height 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
Maximum Number of Printheads Up to 4
User Interface CLARiTY™ 8.4 inch color SVGA LCD touch-panel
Data Interfaces RS232, Ethernet, USB memory, select ZPL command emulation, Text communication
Baked Goods Coding and Labeling Solutions
Marking, Coding and Systems Solutions for Building Materials
Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Cosmetics, Personal and Home Care
Candy and Confectionery
Automotive and Aerospace

8520 / m610 Spec Sheet


8520 / m610 Print Sample Guide


Wolke m610 touch Spec Sheet


Technology Solutions for UDI Compliance


S. Spitz GmbH Case study

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