Box Formers

SUPERBOX semi-automatic carton former

Reliable and productive carton former.

SUPERBOX is a box-forming machine that automatically seals the bottom of a carton with adhesive tape.

Model series: 544, 545, 565

Main components

Side conveyors



Friction bands provide constant adhesion to the product.

Setting formats



Adjusting handwheels and carton magazine stops for easy and convenient format changes.

Shop of cardboard blanks



It is made of a storage of cardboard blanks, a zone for opening boxes and an exit roller table, where the base is glued.

Gripping cardboard blanks



Convenient adjustment of the suction cups when changing the format of cardboard blanks.

Dimensions of SUPERBOX 544 min-max mm 250x170x90 - 540x400x400
Box dimensions SUPERBOX 545 min-max mm 250x170x90 - 570x410x500
Box dimensions SUPERBOX 645 min-max mm 250x200x200 - 600x410x500
Maximum box weight kg 50
Box feeding speed m / min 22
Store capacity pcs 50 - 100 (optional)

SUPERBOX semi-automatic carton former

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  • On the market since 1994
  • Эксклюзивный дистрибьютор
  • Превосходное качество продукции

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