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HELIX EVO automatic pallet wrapper

Updated 2019 series with advanced ROBOPAC technology

• high-strength timing belts instead of serviceable chains

• bearings with pre-lubricated for life

• reinforced structure and balance of inertial masses

Productivity up to 75 pallets / hour

Model series: 1 EVO, 3 EVO, 4 EVO, L, XL, XXL

Basic options

Pallet lifter



Automatically centers the pallet with load in the wrapping area and lifts it pneumatically or hydraulically.

Full wrapping of the wooden pallet is a guarantee of maximum load stability.

Carrying capacity – 2000 kg

Top cover device


Built into the structure of the pallet wrapper and guarantees dust and moisture protection.

Vertical clamp



Designed for unstable products on a pallet, as well as with the option of covering the top (dust and moisture protection cycle)

Harness device


The narrowing of the stretch film web stabilizes the product on the pallet as efficiently as possible.

Bundling will successfully replace horizontal straps, significantly speeding up the packaging process and reducing costs.

Perforated foil wrapping



Protective corner application device



Consists of 4 vertical magazines with pneumatic grippers controlled by the patented ROBOPAC control system.

Pallet dimensions min-max mm HELIX EVO 400x600 - 1220x1220
Pallet dimensions min-max mm HELIX EVO L 400x600 - 1600x1600
Pallet dimensions min-max mm HELIX EVO XL 400x600 - 1900x1900
Pallet dimensions min-max mm HELIX EVO XXL 400x600 - 1200x2800
Maximum height of cargo on a pallet mm 2400
Supply voltage and frequency V - Hz 400-415 ± 5% - 50 ± 1%
Supply voltage and frequency V - Hz 380-480 ± 5% - 60 ± 1% (Optional)
Compressed air pressure Bar 6 ± 1
Carriage height with foil mm 500 (Standart) - 750 (Optional)
Stretch film thickness μm 17 - 30
Top cover film thickness microns 40 - 100

HELIX EVO automatic pallet wrapper

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  • On the market since 1994
  • Эксклюзивный дистрибьютор
  • Превосходное качество продукции

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