Semi-Automatic Fixed Format Taping Machines

Automatic pallet wrapper ROBOTAPE TBD / M

Top and bottom towing tape coilers for fixed boxes, available in 3 versions: 50TBD, 65TBD and 80TBD.

Application of adhesive tape 25-38, 50 or 75 mm wide

Model series: 50, 65, 80

Key features

Conveyor system

Top and bottom mechanized conveyors with meshing belts ensure constant adhesion to the product

Taping head

Adhesive tape width 25-38, 50 or 75 mm

Setting the box format

Manual Height and Width Adjustment of Conveyors

Box dimensions min-max mm 100x80x50 - ∞x800x800
Box feed speed m / min 22
Height of side guides of conveyors mm 30 - 115
Maximum box weight kg 50
Adhesive tape width mm 25-38, 50 or 75 mm

Automatic pallet wrapper ROBOTAPE TBD / M

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  • Превосходное качество продукции

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