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Compact palletizer COMPACT

Compact palletizing system with built-in pallet wrapper on an area of 10 sq. meters!

The main area of application is food production.

Product format: cardboard box, cases and trays with film

Productivity up to 3 layers / min. (15 pallets / hour)

Model series: A, B


Execution options


Compact palletizing system with integrated pallet wrapper and conveyor system.


Compact palletizing system on an area of 10 sq. meters with manual unloading of pallets

Main components

Layer formation system

Maximum productivity – 3 layers per minute (15 pallets / hour)

Built-in pallet wrapper

Automatic wrapping of products after the process of placing the cargo on a pallet. The pallet wrapper will allow stretching the stretch film in the range of 100-400% and adjusting up to 12 steps of adjusting the main parameters during the wrapping cycle.

The system consists of 2 driven rollers rotating at different speeds. The speed of the rollers is automatically adjusted. Film tension adjustment is regulated by analog sensors. When the angle of the pallet is reached, the tension force increases, and the system automatically increases the supply of stretch film to the pallet, decreasing the tension.

Performance COMPACT A 15 pallets / hour (3 layers / min.)
Performance COMPACT B 10 pallets / hour (1.5 layers / min.)
COMPACT A. Maximum pallet height mm 1400
COMPACT B. Maximum pallet height mm 1750
Product dimensions (LxWxH) mm 150х150х100 - 550х400х400
Type of stacked products cardboard box, cases and trays with film
Carriage height with foil mm 500
Max. bobbin diameter mm 300
Stretch film thickness μm 17 - 35

Compact palletizer COMPACT

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