Danaher Corporation

Today we would like to share with you additional information about the parent company “Videojet Technologies Inc.” – Danaher Corporation:
The parent organization of Videojet Technologies, Inc. is the Danaher Corporation, founded in 1969 and is a large conglomerate that encompasses 3 large scientific and industrial segments: natural science, diagnostics, environmental and applied solutions.
And recently, President and CEO of Danaher Corporation, Tom Joyce, made a message that we would like to draw your attention to:

“I see a bright future. We have an amazing team of hardworking, dedicated partners around the world. We have exciting developments coming out every day, providing customers with innovative solutions for their daily work.
Helping us to realize our potential in life is what we do every day on a global scale. Providing clean water, advancing scientific research, ensuring product safety is what defines our business. Every day we help improve the quality of life around the world. “

Danaher Corporation has more than $ 17 billion in revenue. The company employs over 71 thousand employees.
Danaher Corporation is the first corporation to implement the Kaizen industrial philosophy, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement and elimination of production waste.
The company is ranked 160 on the Fortune500 – the list of the largest companies in the United States of America and # 1 on the Forbes list as the best employer
SM-Service is proud to be part of a large international project and represents the best of the brands of coding equipment.
We are proud to implement technologies that have no analogs in the world. Videojet Technologies is not just a company, it is a team united by common values ​​and a common goal – to be the leader in the field of labeling solutions, providing our customers with innovative and quality products that can meet all their challenges.

23 Sep, 2020
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