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Shrink-wrap packers Vega

Vega HT is the shrink-wrap packer proposed by OCME In 1986, OCME began developing the shrink-wrapping technology
with a degree of flexibility never reached before.

Vega HT is the solution to the problem of handling thinner film and lighter bottles whilst ensuring total adaptability to different packaging format, reduced changeover times and reduced energy consumption.

Vega HT is available in various versions: film only, flat pad and film, tray and film with flat pad,…
The range is completed by the Vega HT Advance version for high speeds, from 100 to 150 cycles/minute.


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent accessibility for operators and maintenance staff
  • Possibility to process various types of containers
  • High level components complying with highest safety standards
  • Low energy consumption


For OCME, safety is an indispensable requirement.

The most advanced technology in terms of safety is applied to our machines. This concept extends also to auxiliary devices.

All most stringent regulations to ensure maximum safety for operators and maintenance staff are applied.


OCME has developed and patented the Smart-Packetto™ technology, ensuring considerable savings on film, in addition to improved aesthetic quality of the pack.

Furthermore,  with its energy saving kit, Vega HT reduces energy consumption by approximately 20% in comparison with traditional machines.


PET bottles, Glass bottles, Cans, Multipacks


  • simplified format changeover
  • external reel holder
  • energy saving kit
  • electronic selection unit
  • film reel automatic welding
  • UGO: robotic system for automatic flat pad and tray infeed
  • nested pack
  • handle applicator integrated before shrink wrapping module
  • gas shrink tunnel
  • Smart-Packetto
  • change part for film only on Vega with flat pad
  • change part for flat pad or film only on Vega with tray

Technical data

The various Vega HT models operate with single, double or triple track, according to the processed product and pack configuration:

  • Vega HT with film only up to 150 cycles/minute
  • Vega HT with flat pad up to 100 cycles/minute
  • Vega HT with tray up to 120 cycles/minute

Integrated handle applicator

With the integrated OCME handle applicator placed before the shrink wrapping module, the customer has two machines in one.
The machine operates with single, double or triple track, with rapid format changeover.

This solution guarantees highest efficiency in applying carry handles to your packs

Smart Packetto™

The SMART PackettoTM  is the system, conceived to greatly increase aesthetics of the bundle.

With this revolutionary innovation in secondary packaging, the standard aesthetics of the bundles has been increased and uniform results obtained for all bundles produced.

Smart Packetto offers wrinkle-free packs, film savings and increased print area for branding artwork, making packs more recognizable on the supermarket shelf.

The improvement is possible thanks to the application of tiny dots of glue on the bottles, on to which to the film is applied.  During the shrinking process, the film remains in position, so the pack is perfectly formed. Also thanks to the method of fixing the film, the amount of film used is reduced by up to 30%.

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  • On the market since 1994
  • Эксклюзивный дистрибьютор
  • Превосходное качество продукции

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