Videojet solutions for beverage manufacturers

We would like to highlight Videojet solutions for beverage manufacturers.

Based on the experience of introducing Videojet markers at enterprises throughout Uzbekistan, our specialists know firsthand what difficulties beverage manufacturers face – from high speeds of production lines to condensation.

The high cost of filling and packaging equipment makes unplanned downtime for coders simply unacceptable.
The company “SM-Service” offers a wide range of solutions for long-term trouble-free operation.
We offer markers for delivery that apply any type of information – from a simple code with an expiration date to more complex promo codes, namely:

Continuous inkjet printing
Non-contact inkjet printing of up to five lines of text, linear and 2D bar codes, and graphics on a variety of packaging materials.

Laser Marking Systems
The laser beam creates an image by applying heat to the surface

Large character marking
Non-contact ink printing of various data (alphanumeric codes, logos, and large barcodes, mainly for secondary packaging.

Applicator printers
Printing and transferring labels of various sizes to packaging.

23 Sep, 2020
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