Reduce waste & rework costs with Videojet iAssure™

Print defects such as incomplete or missing codes can result in waste, re-work or fines and can damage your brand’s reputation. However, implementing code quality measures can often require expensive vision system integrations or regular manual checks where errors can be missed.

Videojet iAssure™ technology, exclusively built into the Videojet DataFlex ® 6530 53mm and the 6330 thermal transfer overprinters, continually checks code quality of every single code with no additional hardware, installation or training.

Address operational issues

Code defects can be caused by factors such as ribbon creasing, a damaged printhead, image darkness, overprint or platen voids. Not only does iAssure™ intelligent technology identify and alert you of code defects in real-time, but it can also classify the type of failure to help find the root cause and resume production efficiently.

Code quality checking tailored to your line

iAssure™ technology is flexible so it can complement your QA practices. Customize the threshold values and the number of codes that fail before the printer triggers a fault. If a fault is triggered, the printer can either stop the line or send the product into a reject or inspection area.

29 Jul, 2021
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