New laser systems Videojet 3130 and Videojet 3330

Videojet is introducing the new Videojet 3130 and Videojet 3330 CO2 laser coders that are even more efficient for your coding needs.

With an advanced combination of system parameters – printheads, lenses, wavelengths – the Videojet 3130 and Videojet 3330 are capable of printing a variety of coding options on a wide variety of materials.

Now carbon dioxide lasers are suitable for marking on metal, wood, plastic, cardboard, various labels, thin and thick wall PET, glass, etc.

Laser systems have the ability to apply a variety of alphanumeric and graphic information, as well as barcodes and DataMatrix codes.

The coders are suitable for work on both medium and high speed lines. The Videojet 3330 speed reaches 900 m / min (up to 1300 characters / sec).


Laser systems require virtually no maintenance or consumables, which significantly reduces their payback period.

Design solutions ensure long-term trouble-free operation and quick readjustment when changing product for coding, which minimizes production downtime.

Clarity’s user-friendly interface with Code Assurance greatly simplifies message creation and job selection and prevents coding errors.

The Videojet 3130 and 3330 are suitable for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, plastic extrusion and many other applications.

To achieve optimal results, you need to select the laser marking system settings that are optimal for integration into your packaging lines and for the most efficient handling of your packaging material.

22 Jul, 2020
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