Marking on eggs

Egg labeling technologies have been developed over the years, but food safety remains the main requirement. New technologies are improving labeling quality, enabling critical information to validate expiration dates and product traceability, and helping to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for manufacturers.

Suggested solutions for egg marking:
Videojet 1620

– Print from 1 to 5 lines of text at high speeds.
The maximum speed for single line marking is 293 m / min.
The maximum speed when marking in two lines is 146 m / min.
The maximum speed for three-line marking is 81 m / min.

-Technology CleanFlow ™ prevents ink accumulation – the reason for the forced shutdown of conventional inkjet printers.
-Large preventive maintenance interval; service life of the ink module – up to 14,000 hours.
-Internal pump eliminates the need for external air and minimizes the chance of dirt getting into the ink stream.
-Automatic head flushing for a quick start-up even after extended downtime.

23 Sep, 2020
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