How to reduce packaging costs and simplify the dairy production process?

Marking boxes directly in production makes the packaging system more convenient and increases production efficiency.


Save money and make your work more efficient with fewer types of packaging.


For packaging dairy products, pre-labeled boxes of various types and sizes are often used. You can work with such packages, but are there more convenient options?


As the range of dairy products expands, the need for new pre-printed packaging increases, leading to additional costs. Print-on-demand technologies help simplify production, reduce the costs associated with preparing, planning, purchasing, storing and using preprinted products.


By using on-line labeling on secondary packaging, dairy producers have overcome the challenges posed by the over-number of packaging types, growing production needs and the increased costs associated with pre-labeling packaging. Print on Demand provides high quality coding and is easily integrated into production lines.


Print on demand reduces:

• The cost of creating samples and preparing files for printing, since you can edit, print and approve samples right on the production line;
• Number of types of packaging to be disposed of, stored and transported; it also makes it easier for staff to move preprinted boxes to and from the production area.
• The need for a large number of special packaging for certain products. This is especially true when the available stock of the necessary packaging runs out during the production cycle.



Manufacturing printing simplifies new product launches by reducing the cost of creating new packaging. Now you can change the information printed on the boxes in real time and print samples directly on the production line.
An integrated in-line printer can recognize products and ensure correct labeling, both on the product itself and on the secondary packaging.

Videojet has developed special technology for large character coding systems that cleans the print head and ensures excellent print quality. Thanks to the user-friendly touch screen, the operator can easily access work information.

Simple printer operation.

In the course of daily work, printers periodically run out of consumables. This sometimes causes printing to stop, which seriously affects production volumes. In other cases, print quality may deteriorate. A warning message that supplies are running out helps you know in advance of a potential problem and avoid unplanned shutdowns. To charge the printer with ink, simply install the cartridge. You can change the cartridge while printing, so there is no need to shut down the equipment. The bottle is securely sealed and there is very little chance of ink spilling. This helps maintain a clean and safe production environment.

22 Jul, 2020
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