ROBOPAC is an Italian brand and world leader in packaging solutions, part of the innovation giant Aetna Group.

MASTERPLAT PLUS PGS – saves stretch film by pre-stretching it.

Allows you to pre-stretch the film by a fixed value of 250% and evenly apply a layer of film on the pallet – you will get significant savings in packaging costs.

Maximum pallet dimensions (L × W): 1000 × 1200
Maximum product height (mm): 2200
Maximum lifting capacity (kg): 2000
Disk rotation speed (rpm): 5 ÷ 12

ECOPLAT PLUS FRD is your first step towards optimizing production costs.

The carriage is equipped with a film tensioning device with a mechanical brake.
Constant high-quality tension and uniform application of the film layers will significantly save packaging time and costs.

Maximum pallet dimensions (L × W): 800 × 1000
Table diameter and maximum load capacity (mm – kg): 1500-2000
Maximum product height (mm): 2200
Table rotation speed (rpm): 4 ÷ 10

23 Sep, 2020
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