Laser (Laser systems)

Laser marking is a non-contact method of print, which is superior to other technologies in the quality of marking, productivity and consumables consumption.

The Videoget line of Laser systems co consists of CO2, fibre-optic and Nd:YAG lasers with variable power to address a range of substrates and applications.

Besides that, Videojet offers a large number of laser accessories, including lenses and beam turning units to simplify integration into your production lines and increase the laser's performance.


Videojet 3120

The leader in market, Videojet 3120 10W Laser, was disigned for professional package, where qualitative code is required at low and moderate speeds.

Videojet 3330

The Videojet 3330 with a laser power of 30W - is a combination of productivity and flexibility.
This laser system provides a high-quality coding at high and moderate speeds. Purpose-built system delivers high-quality codes at high speeds. The system with practically no limits in fonts or graphics, represents an ideal solution for complex codes on beverages, food , cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With a wide range of printhead combinations, lenses and wave lenghts, Videojet makes 21 option of a dot available to redress your requirements in coding.  

Videojet 3130

The Videojet 3130 CO2 10W Laser has every opportunity of more powerful systems in energy consumption, which is typical of high-speed lasers.  The 3130 is ideal simple coding as well as complex codes on a wide range of materials, such as carton, glass, color coated metal, paper label, PET and other plastics. It also offers flexible opportunities for a wide range of packaging applications, such as beverages, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products.

Videojet 3020

The Videojet 3020 Laser marking system is made for a simple coding on various materials. 

It's easy in set-up and operation, and also simple to adapt to your production requirements.

Videojet 3320

The Videojet 3320 30W CO2 Laser marking system is a good choice for the applications like beverages and pharmaceuticals, including bivariate bar codes.

The 3320 Laser can mark through the most of substates in high operation conditions.   

Videojet 3430

The Videojet 3430 Laser with IP65 provides the best in it's range, up to 2000 characters per second, marking speeds.

Exceptional print quality makes it a perfect solution for the systems with high throughput, where the promt marking is needed for a high speed production line with a large quantum of output.    


Videojet 7210 and 7310

The Videojet 7210/7310 Fiber Lasers with the power of 10W and 20W respectively, related to the most compact and flexible solid-state marking systems and require a minimum maintenance.

7210 and 7310 systems are designed for a direct code and identification of small components,  difficult for a code, made from metall, plastic and other substates,  in aerospace, automobile, electronics, and medicals applications.

Videojet DN50A and LN100A

The Videojet DN50A and LN100A Laser marking systems, developed in collaboration with related Foba Alltec company, - these Nd:YAG lasers provide a high throughput,unbeaten quality and security.

DN50A 50W laser system is good for applications with the requirements of carving, color change or its removal, or marking with a super high resolution.

LN100A 100W laser system is designed for a high power carving to make a high throughput.   



Printer name: Videojet 1220

Printer type: CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet)


Printer name: Videojet 2120

Printer type: Case Coding and Labeling


Printer name: Videojet 3120

Printer type: Laser (Laser systems)


Printer name: Videojet 8510

Printer type: Thermal Ink Jet


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