Personal care products decoration

With growing competition manufacturers of personal care products are faced with the need to attract attention to their products.


For many years the leading brands compete for market-share gain. Their position is currently less stable due to the tangible and growing presence of new brands and private labels.


One of the proven methods for achieving your goals - immediate decoration.


Decoration of personal care products has been always proven and profitable differentiation strategy. With the brand being memorable and more qualitative in the eyes of the consumer, decoration helps to increase profitability and market-share gain.


Product decoration wins recognition as an additional solution to increase market share by creating a visual difference from competing products.
In comparison with traditional methods of advertisement, product decoration plays significant role in the overall marketing strategy, it helps to reduce overall marketing costs and increase return on investment and the commercial value of the brand.


For many personal care products the functionality is paramount, and it should be the main indicator in determining an effective, client-oriented strategy of product decoration. Stylish elements can enhance the appearance of a premium brand, which in turn favors the growth of market share and meets the consumer requirements.


Videojet has a huge experience in the technology of product decoration. Videojet solutions in high-speed applying of images and variable data can be easily integrated into your production lines.  Videojet Technologies Inc. represents the equipment and resources required to implement product decoration programs.


The Videojet BX Series Binary Array Ink Jet printer provides various and reliable high-speed digital printing for productivity rise.

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