Videojet printers can deliver codes on polyethylene pipes and wires with the width starting from 2.7mm and the speed of 293m/min.

Videojet 1610, 1620, 1710 Continuous Ink Jet printers
• With the innovative technology of printhead self-cleaning Clean Flow these printers have maximum uptime (up to 14 000 hours);
• Sealed cartridge design helps to save ink and make-up consumption up to 40%;
• Easy-to-use interface with Code Assurance;
• Wastes reduction by 90% caused by incorrect or illegible codes;
• Opportunity to make high contrast codes on dark surfaces using pigment inks

The Videojet 3020 Laser system
The Videojet 3020 CO2 10W Laser designed to code on low and moderate speed:
• High-quality legible code on both movable and immovable objects;
• Easy-to-use touch screen provides a very simple line set-up, print and control settings;
• Compact dimensions for an easiest setting and equipment relocation;