Videojet represents the new 3130 and 3330 CO2 lasers that became more effective in your coding solutions.

With comprehensive system settings combination performance – printheads, lenses and waves – the 3130 and 3330 can deliver various marking variants through a wide range of materials.


Presently, the CO2 lasers do for coding on metal, wood, plastics, cartons, various labels, thick and thin-walled  PET, glass etc.


These laser systems have an opportunity to deliver various alphanumeric and graphic data along with bar codes and DataMatrix.


With the speed of 900m/min (up to 1300 characters/sec), the Videojet 3330 is good for moderate and high speed production lines.


3130 and 3330 Laser systems require almost no maintenance and consumables, which significantly reduces the payback period.


Engineering solutions provide continuous uptime and quick changeover when changing the labeling product that allows you to minimize production downtime.


Easy-to-use Clarity interface with Code Assurance system significantly simplifies the process of creating a message and selecting the job to be printed along with notifications about coding errors.


The 3130 and 3330 are good for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries, beverages, extrusion and many other applications.


To achieve optimum results, it is necessary to choose the laser parameters optimal for integration into your packaging line and which are more effective for your packaging material.